I am facing the above issue with New Mac M1 with Xcode 13.1.

I am running fastlane and getting this error

** TEST BUILD FAILED ** [21:03:58]: ▸ The following build commands failed: [21:03:58]: ▸ MergeSwiftModule normal x86_64 [21:03:58]: ▸ CompileSwiftSources normal x86_64 com.apple.xcode.tools.swift.compiler [21:03:58]: ▸ (2 failures)

❌ error: merge-module command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

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Select your project in Xcode, and go to "Build Settings". Scroll down until you see "Search Paths", and finally, "Library Search Paths". Replace "$(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/usr/lib/swift-5.0/$(PLATFORM_NAME)" with "$(SDKROOT)/usr/lib/swift".

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