I am using the NestJs framework (love it by the way) and I want to check the incoming data so it conforms with an Enum in Typscript. So I have the following:

enum ProductAction {

async patchProducts(
    @Param('uuid', ParseUUIDPipe) uuid: string,
    @Body('action', ParseEnumPipe) action: ProductAction,
  ) {

    switch(action) {

    ... code 

The weird thing is that when I run this code, the first pipe gets compiled

2022-07-21 16:53:51 [error] [ExceptionHandler] Nest can't resolve dependencies of the ParseEnumPipe (?, Object). Please make sure that the argument Object at index [0] is available in the FriendsModule context.

What I am doing wrong?

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You should use @Body('action', new ParseEnumPipe(ProductAction)) action: ProductAction because enums aren't directly reflected for Nest to read the metadata of, and because Nest is otherwise trying to figure out how to inject Object when it really should be injecting the enum.

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    I guess we could improve the docs on that pipe Commented Jul 21, 2022 at 14:16

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