From last few days, I'm unable to find the solution of this Condition of using AND parameter in the Query

Example SQL QUERY `"SELECT * FROM `NotesMe` WHERE `Uid`='randomUid' AND Pin='Yep'"`

So I was unable to filter my database in firebase with Multiple Conditions Eg. WHERE AND

I'm working with the Firbase PHP SDK v6

I tried to filter the data with the as per the firebase filter documentation but i was only able to filter with a single condition

$data = $database->getReference($ref)->orderByChild('Uid')->equalTo($uid)->getValue();

Above data Varible only returns the value in order to UID only

enter image description here

So I want filter that vaules with multiple Condition like Where UID AND PIN

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So After searching a lot, I thought that should i make my own filter for this,

so what as I know that the below $data variable is returns an filtered array with single condition of OrderByChild

$data = $database->getReference($ref)->orderByChild('Uid')->equalTo($uid)->getValue();

So I decided ti filter that array again with a PHP array filter

$array = $data; // $data contains is already filtered array 
$filter_name ='Pin'; // another conditions
$filter_value ='yep';
$expected = array_filter($array, function($el) use ($filter_value, $filter_name) {
    return ($el[$filter_name] >= $filter_value);


and finally it works now I'm able to use multiple conditions in firebase databse too with PHP

$expected contains the new re-filtered array

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