I have a private key for deployment which I have set as a File Environment variable in the gitlab ci settings. However when I try and do

echo $VAR

the output is the entire contents of the key something like


I would like to have this key stored in a file and would like the path to the file as the environment variable $VAR. I am unsure of how to do this. Any help will be appreciated.

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    If you need a file, why not just cat it to a file in a CI job and save it as an artefact to be available to later jobs? Jul 26, 2022 at 17:00

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There was a couple of mistakes with respect to using the Environment variables.

The environment variables when declared in settings need not be imported in the yaml files as variables.


    VAR : $VAR

This leads to the contents of the file being exposed in the log which we dont want in this case.

Correct Way:

We can just use the key as is in the yaml with $VAR this should give a temporary path to the file where the key is stored.

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