I try to get that white/grey pattern with the TControlList but was not able to find the right Property. ItemColor changes the backgroundcolor of every Item and Color itself changes Background for the complet control.

I had tried to manipulate the aCanvas object inside the OnBeforeDrawItem Event but that doesn't work either. Inside the documentation is loud silence.

Can anyone help with that?

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You don't have to use canvas only set itemcolor

procedure TForm1.ControlList1BeforeDrawItem(AIndex: Integer; ACanvas: TCanvas;
  ARect: TRect; AState: TOwnerDrawState);
if Odd(aIndex)
  then ControlList1.ItemColor:=clWhite
  else ControlList1.ItemColor:=clLtGray;

alternate rows for TControlList

  • There was a Indexfailure and my testing was weak. Thank you for pointing that out.
    – fisi-pjm
    Aug 1 at 14:34

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