Good day team!!!

I am developing a calling system, In this case we are working on Android, IOS and web/Desktop platforms.

Audio and Video calls were working fine for Android, IOS and Web/Desktop. Until I have upgraded the Android API level to 30 (Android 11, as its mandatory to update app on to Play Store). Once I switch API level to 30. Android to Android, Android to IOS audio/video calls are working fine.

But Android to Web and vice versa is not working.

I am getting ICE server state as CHECKING whenever I am try to connect. After waiting for sometimes its going in to FAIL state.

If I switch Android API level to 29 again, everything is working fine.

What could be the issue with new Android API level 30 for VOIP calls using WEBRTC. I am using implementation "io.pristine:libjingle:11139@aar" as lib dependency for WebRTC.

Anyone come across this issue? Please let me know I am stuck with this part.

I am not able to share the code due to huge code for this, If needed specific code, let me know in comment I will provide that. Hope you can understand.

Thank you so much in advance



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