Im trying to use Facebook to sign in to my web app. I works for me but not when my friend tried it. This pop up instead of Facebook sign in that i got. App not active error

I have checked for both the App id and secret, they both matched and the redirect URI matched too. firebase facebook provider settings

facebook dashboard facebook dashboard

What might caused the error?

Edit 1:

The app is in development mode. App mode.

Im not sure about submission for permission and features for review since it is not in the Firebase documentation for Facebook authentication but here is a screenshot on the permission and features tab on Facebook dashboard Facebook Dashboard permission and features tab.

  • What app mode is your app currently in? (developers.facebook.com/docs/development/build-and-test/…) Have you submitted all the permissions and features that require it, for review yet?
    – CBroe
    Jul 29 at 10:32
  • hi @CBroe. The app is in development mode and im not sure about the permission and features submission. I have explained on edit 1.
    – Leo
    Jul 30 at 10:39


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