Suppose I have a Bazel macro that is using a generator rule to generate an output file given an input file:

def my_generator(
    args = []
    args.extend(["--arg1", "$(location %s)" % output_file])
    args.extend(["arg2", "$(locations %s)" % input_file])

    cmd_params = " ".join(args)

        name = name,
        srcs = [input_file],
        outs = [output_file],
        cmd = "python $(location //path/to:target_generator) %s" % cmd_params,
        tools = ["/path/to/tool:mytool"],

Then I was previously using this macro as:

    name = "gen1",
    input_file = ":targetToGeneratetextFile",
    output_file = "outputfile.txt",
    visibility = ["//myproject/oath/to/current/package/test:__subpackages__"],

where a target is passed as input_file. This was working.

Then I wanted to reuse it with a different input but to generate the same output, where the input is now a file within the project but in another folder.

    name = "gen2",
    input_file = "//path/to/the/file/realFile.txt",
    output_file = "outputfile.txt",
    visibility = ["//myproject/oath/to/current/package/test:__subpackages__"],

I am getting two errors in this way:

  1. For how it is, Bazel cannot find the realFile.txt: it tries to read it as a target:

no such package '//path/to/the/file/realFile.txt': BUILD file not found in any of the following directories. Add a BUILD file to a directory to mark it as a package

If I copy the file in the current package folder, it is able to read it.

  1. Bazel is complaining that gen1 and gen2 are writing/overwriting the same output file outputfile.txt:

Error in genrule: generated file 'outputfile.txt' in rule 'gen2' conflicts with existing generated file from rule 'gen1', defined at ...

How can I solve these issues?

I think that the problem is that these two calls are both executed, whereas I would like them to be executed depending on some target, i.e., target A needs only run gen1 and target B gen2 exclusively. I do not if that is possible but for example moving each of these call inside the target they belong to might be a solution that avoids this issue.

EDIT I was thinking as solution to do something like:

    name = "gen2",
    input_file = select({
       ":opt1": [":targetToGeneratetextFile"],
       ":opt2": ["realTextFile.txt"],
       "//conditions:default": [":targetToGeneratetextFile"],
    output_file = "outputfile.txt",
    visibility = ["//myproject/oath/to/current/package/test:__subpackages__"],

with proper config_setting and then call it from the target with the proper flag but I am getting the error:

expected value of type 'string' for element 0 of attribute 'srcs' in 'genrule' rule, but got select({":opt1": [":targetToGeneratetextFile"], ":opt2": ["realTextFile.txt"],"//conditions:default": [":targetToGeneratetextFile"], })

  • Is there a BUILD file in the same directory as //path/to/the/file/realFile.txt? e.g. //path/to/the/file:BUILD?
    – silvergasp
    Jul 29 at 18:39
  • Also that target appears to malformed //path/to/the/file/realFile.txt should be //path/to/the/file:realFile.txt
    – silvergasp
    Jul 29 at 18:40

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The label //path/to/the/file/realFile.txt is shorthand for //path/to/the/file/realFile.txt:realFile.txt, aka <repository root>/path/to/the/file/realFile.txt/realFile.txt. Depending on where the deepest-nested folder with a BUILD file is (which determines the package), you're looking for something like //path/to/the/file:realFile.txt or //path/to:the/file/realFile.txt instead.

You can't have two rules which write the same file, because then Bazel can't tell which way to build it if you bazel build the file. Some alternatives:

  • Put them in separate packages (aka separate folders with BUILD files)
  • Name them differently, like gen1_outputfile.txt and gen2_outputfile.txt, or gen1/outputfile.txt and gen2/outputfile.txt. You could automate this in the macro like srcs = [name + '/outputfile.txt'].
  • Use a single rule to generate it with an appropriate select, like your edit.

With the select, you're trying to create something like this:

    srcs = select({..., "//conditions:default": [":targetToGeneratetextFile"]}),

but as written you have this instead:

    srcs = [select({..., "//conditions:default": [":targetToGeneratetextFile"]})],

Effectively, between the list in the select's value and the macro body, you're creating a nested list. I would change your macro argument to input_files and then do srcs = input_files in the body, so the caller of the macro can bundle things into lists as desired.

  • In your answer you have put a select in the genrule: if you put it here, do you have to put a select also when calling the macro that uses the genrule (as I did in my edit: my_generator there is using a select: is this correct?)? (i.e., instead of having gen1 and gen2, having only one of them with a select? If not how shall I call the macro? Just once or create two instances? Aug 1 at 16:03

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