I need to integrate Instagram API to fetch user's details like username and email and need to save these information for the user, i read the below link:


but this does not fetch the email id of the user, i also read below link but it also does not provide email of the user:


If any body can reply, that will be helpful, Thanks

  • what makes you believe that this is possible? the api reference does not mention the email in the fields: developers.facebook.com/docs/instagram-basic-display-api/…
    – andyrandy
    Jul 29 at 12:20
  • @andyrandy exactly that's what i am asking here, as i did not find any thing yet to get the user's email after authenticating the user successfully from instagram api
    – Xeeshan007
    Jul 29 at 16:49

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That's a privacy issue to be able to fetch user's email and other information I think you would need to create an app that allows sign in or login then get any user that had signed in to your app, details for example if I sign in to your app you would need to get my email address you can do that using a simple database tool then convert that into an API by performing a post request once data has being sent to the database.

  • Sorry i could not understand your answer, let me clear the problem for you, i have to signup the users on my website using instagram login, so i have integrated the instagram api to get the access token, which can be used to get the user's detail, now using this access_token i need to get the user email as this is required in our system, but in instagram api i did not find any solution to get the email of the user, like i can get the username of the user but not email
    – Xeeshan007
    Jul 29 at 17:03
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    – Community Bot
    Aug 2 at 2:31

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