I'm implementing an MQ producer which will send messages via an OUT Queue. I have the channel, bridge, outbound bean, and the JMS outbound-channel-adapter setup. When I run my test case by sending the message, I see this error-> bad message cause=org.springframework.integration.MessageDispatchingException: Dispatcher has no subscribersbad message cause=null

Message config.xml

    <?xml version="1.0" encoing="utf-8"?>
      <int:channel id="inbound.rawjms">
         <int: interceptors>
            <int ref bean="jmsTransportHeaderEnricher"/>
         </int: interceptors>
    <int:bridge input-channel="inbound.rawjms" output-channel="inbound.endpoint"/>

<channel id="inbound.endpoint">
    <dispatcher task-executor="preDatabaseChannelExecutor"/>

<bridge input-channel="inbound.endpoint" output-channel="inbound.endpoint.xml"/>

<channel id="inbound.endpoint.xml" datatype="java.lang.String"/>
<chain input-channel="inbound.endpoint.xml" output-channel="inbound.xml.database">

<channel id="inbound.xml.database">
    <dispatcher task-executor="postDatabaseChannelExecutor"/>
    <bean id="jms.queue" class="com.ibm.mq.jms.MQQueue">
      <constructir-arg index="0" value="${txbus.mq.destination.outbound.queue}"/>
<channel id="outbound.f.queue" datatype="java.lang.String"/>


Config Class

public class Config{

   public Queue focusIn(@Value("${txbus.mq.destination}") String destinationIn){
     return new MQQueue(destinationIn);


NOTE: I have removed the xmlns, xmlns:xsi, xsi:schema location from the .xml file as I couldn't copy them over.

  • You don’t show what is subscribed to that inbound.endpoint channel . The stack trace should really say what channel is without subscribers. Or you use very old out of support Spring Integration version… Jul 30 at 3:08
  • I have added the subscriptions to inbound.endpoint. Could you once advise now ? Jul 31 at 13:27
  • The <chain> cannot be empty. You also don’t show who is subscribing to that inbound.xml.database. See the stack trace carefully to determine what channel consumer is missing Jul 31 at 13:31
  • Updated the dispatcher for the channel Ids now and also added the chain <chain input-channel="inbound.endpoint.xml" Jul 31 at 13:33
  • Not sure what you mean: I have already commented your edit. Jul 31 at 13:37

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Looks like I missed adding the <service-activator> input-channel for the "channel" which had an issue with "dispatcher has no subscribers".

I had my channel in the output-channel

The channel was outbound.f.queue and added the line

<service-activator> input-channel="outbound_f.queue" ref="outboundPublisher"/>

This link also has helped: Spring Integration - Dispatcher has no subscribers

  • But you have that JMS outbound channel adapter for that channel, which doesn’t look like is stopped from the beginning Jul 31 at 18:16
  • Note: outbound.f.queue is not outbound_f.queue. Please, be sure that quality of your questions is really the one expected here by community: stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask Aug 1 at 15:20

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