I am working with Angular formly and according to this site: https://formly.dev/guide/validation, I should be able to do this:

  "id": "blah.blah.blah",
  "key": "blah",
  "type": "search-grid",
  "validators": {
    "familyUnit": {
      "expression": "(c) => model.validatorOutput === '' || model.validatorOutput === []",
      "message": "Invalid!"
  "id": "validatorOutput",
  "key": "validatorOutput",
  "type": "output",
  "expressionProperties": {
    "templateOptions.url": "!!model.blah?.selection ? `/api/v3/.../${model.blah?.selection?.id}/...` : ''"
  "hideExpression": "true"

This is JSON but we read JSON files and convert them into formly objects.

My question is: why doesn't this work? According to the website above, it should work. But I get the following error in the chrome console:

ERROR TypeError: r.validation is not a function


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