I'm updating a huge legacy system, and am currently stumped by the following function:

template <class EL>
EL& FastInsertVector<EL>::operator[](size_type index)
    return (EL&) FastInsertVectorBase::operator [][](index);

MS VC++ 2022 compiles it happily, whereas C++ Builder 11.1.5 rejects it saying:

expected expression

If I remove the second set of [], both compilers are happy. Unfortunately, this is shared code that both compilers must be able to handle.

This codebase is huge, and has no tests, and I'm having difficulty actually understanding what this syntax even means.

Is this valid C++ syntax? Can anyone explain what it's trying to express?

  • It's possible that I've been out of town for a while, but I'm pretty sure that there is no operator[][] in C++, and there never was. It's necessary to figure out what that abomination was actually accomplishing, and then reimplement it in standard C++. Perhaps hunt down the definition of FastInsertVectorBase, and look at what it's defining. Jul 30 at 13:14
  • please show a minimal reproducible example
    – phuclv
    Jul 30 at 13:14
  • 1
    If you can make both compilers happy, why is this a problem? Not even in C++23 adding the possibility of passing more than 1 operand inside [] afaik allows for this syntax. assuming the intention here is to invoke the version operator[] implemented in the ancestor FastInsertVectorBase, FastInsertVectorBase::operator[](index) is indeed the correct syntax according to the standard... Btw: have you actually used this function in MSVC. MSVC may be a bit sloppy with syntax checks for non-specialized templates.
    – fabian
    Jul 30 at 13:15
  • MS compiler is known to ignore nonsense or non-valuable expressions while they are ill-formed, because their over-use of regular expressions to analyze code.. And template methods that weren't instantiated and used aren't checked at all, so likely this operator isn't used anywhere. Jul 30 at 13:37
  • 3
    Judging from the code snippet, it attempts to call the base class's operator[] and cast whatever it returns to EL. I.e. it wants to do return (EL&) FastInsertVectorBase::operator[](index);. The double [][] is pretty certainly not valid syntax. However, MSVC does not complain about it as long as the function does not get instantiated (i.e. called), compare godbolt. So my guess is that the shown FastInsertVector<EL>::operator[] is actually unused in the code and could be removed entirely.
    – Sedenion
    Jul 30 at 16:47


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