I am building a Progressive Web App that mainly displays markers on a map (Mapbox GL JS). I have to load a lot of data and components, so the app takes a few seconds to load.

I made a loading screen on desktop, but on mobile I would like to have the splash screen to stay until the map and all the markers are loaded.

Here is my manifest.json :

    "name": "App name",
    "short_name": "App name",
    "display": "fullscreen",
    "orientation": "landscape",
    "start_url": "http://applink.com",
    "scope": "http://applink.com",
    "background_color": "#191a1a",
    "theme_color": "#191a1a",
    "lang": "fr",
    "icons": [{
         "src": "img/pwa_192.png",
         "sizes": "192x192",
         "type": "image/png"
        "src": "img/pwa_512.png",
        "sizes": "512x512",
        "type": "image/png"

I also added this for iOS : <link rel="apple-touch-startup-image" href="img/ios_splash.png">

Is there any way to control the splash screen time, or leave it until all the elements are loaded on the page?


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