In my routes file I have:

resources :subscription, :only => [:show], :constraints => {:protocol => "https"}

I'm trying to add a spec for this route like this:

it "recognizes and generates #show" do
  { :get => "/subscription", :protocol => 'https' }.should route_to(:controller => "subscriptions", :action => "show")

However, the spec still fails. If I remove the :protocol => 'https', the spec also fails:

  No route matches "/subscription" 

The (undocumented?) solution is to simply include an entire dummy url, like so:

it "recognizes and generates #show" do
  { :get => "https://test.host/subscription" }.should route_to(:controller => "subscriptions", :action => "show")

I figured it out from this ticket and this changeset.

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    In order to get this to work I had to specify the constraint as { protocol => "https://" }, not simply "https" as one might expect. – cfeduke May 23 '13 at 0:36

I'm not sure, but I think routes should be declared as plural — see Rails Routing from the Outside In. So it would be

resources :subscriptions

and in the spec

{:get => '/subscriptions', :protocol => 'https'}

Try if that passes without :protocol. If it does, skip the spec with HTTPS. That should not be tested on a unit-test level, but in an integration test.

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    I'm using 'subscription' as a singular resource. See section 2.5 in the guide you mentioned. – morgan freeman Sep 6 '11 at 11:02
  • Sorry, I didn't think of that. I've added another answer. – awendt Sep 6 '11 at 14:37

Does it pass if you change to spec to this?:

{:get => '/subscription'}.should_not route_to(:controller => …)

That would at least give you the confidence that HTTP is not routed.

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