I have 2 applications on the same business account and want to map users between them who are using Facebook Limited and Regular login flows. So basically when user logs in using FB Limited we're getting OpenID token which is non-compatible with Graph API. The documentation says that I have to use app-scoped ID obtained from Limited Login and I must my your app's app ID. But when I call


It returns Invalid OAuth access token - Cannot parse access token error.

So the question is how to obtain token_for_business for users who are using facebook limited login?

  • access_token=<app_id> - the app id is not an access token (the app id is public info, that gets exposed in several places - so if it was, then everyone would have a valid token for your app.) You need to make this request with an actual user access token.
    – CBroe
    Aug 1 at 14:23


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