I want to match requests as /friend_request/something ; /friend_request/somethingElse in the same module. I have the following code

defmodule Server do

  def start() do
    dispatch_config = build_dispatch_config()
    { :ok, _ } = :cowboy.start_clear(:my_http_listener,
      [{:port, 8080}],
      %{ env: %{dispatch: dispatch_config}}

  def build_dispatch_config do
      { :_,
          {"/register", Elixir.Register, []},
          {"/login", Elixir.Login, []},
          {"/friend_request/:page", Elixir.Friend_Request, []},
          {"/send_message", Elixir.Send_Message, []},
          {"/home", Elixir.Home, []}


The problem is that all requests like /friend_requests/something doesn't go to my Friend_Request module, even thought the documentation says otherwise. For all requests I get 404 not found http request.

How can I send such requests to the same module ?

  • Is your Friend_Request module have init/2 method? What http request you send to cowboy?
    – Alexei K
    Aug 3 at 23:02


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