I have a data set that uses ICD9CM codes to encode condition/diagnosis. I would like to use the SNOMED-CD category for "Sexually transmitted infectious disease" (concept_id = 8098009) using the OHDSI/OMOP/Athena concept tables. To do this I am doing the following:

Get the SNOMED STI Concept:

select * from omop_concepts.concept
concept_code = '8098009'
Clinical Finding 8098009 440647 Sexually transmitted infectious disease Condition

Get the Standard Concepts for each member of the category and store it in a table

drop table if exists snomed_sti_standard_concept;

create table snomed_sti_standard_concept as (
  root.concept_id root_concept_id,
  root.concept_name root_concept_name,
  c.concept_id concept_id,
  c.concept_name concept_name,
  c.standard_concept standard_concept,
  s.concept_id as standard_concept_id,
  s.concept_name as standard_concept_name,
  s.standard_concept as standard_standard_concept,
  omop_concepts.concept root
  join omop_concepts.concept_ancestor ca on 1=1
    and root.concept_id = ca.ancestor_concept_id
  left outer join omop_concepts.concept_relationship rel on 1=1
    and ca.descendant_concept_id = rel.concept_id_1
    and rel.relationship_id = 'Maps to'
  left outer join omop_concepts.concept c on 1=1
    and ca.descendant_concept_id = c.concept_id
  left outer join omop_concepts.concept s on 1=1
    and s.concept_id = rel.concept_id_2
    and s.standard_concept = 'S'
  root.concept_id = 440647

Get the ICD9CM Concepts that map to the Standard Concepts that define the SNOMED-CT STI category

  sti.concept_id as snomed_categorization_id,
  sti.concept_name as snomed_categorization_name,
  snomed_sti_standard_concept sti
  join omop_concepts.concept_relationship rel on 1=1
    and sti.standard_concept_id = rel.concept_id_2
    and rel.relationship_id = 'Maps to'
  join omop_concepts.concept c on 1=1
    and c.concept_id = rel.concept_id_1
    and c.vocabulary_id = 'ICD9CM'
order by 2

The output from this query (the list of ICD9CM codes that are mapped to the SNOMED STI category) are here: https://github.com/NACHC-CAD/public-examples/tree/main/ohdsi/queries/terminology/sti-example . The complete Databricks script used for this example is also available at that location. The Databricks script assumes you have loaded the OMOP terminology tables to a schema called omop_concepts.

There are 357 concepts that are descendants of the SNOMED STI concept used here. There are 154 ICD9CM concepts that map to these descendants using the method described above.


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