I want some guideways to build app. I want to build an application that send and receive messages from Facebook messenger. That application should be develop in winForm or Web App in vb or vb.net , but I'm so much confuse after reading https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-plateform/

I want to clear my confusion and to use right approach to build application. I'm confuse with facebook Api vs Send API vs GraphAPi what's the difference . And I saw an example u in send api that use url graph.facebook.com/ with url page token. }' "https://graph.facebook.com/v13.0/me/messages?access_token=<PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN>" What are access token how can I get them.

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    Sorry if this sounds blunt, but too me sounds like you're really a bit early in the process to be asking questions here. While some cross over, the fact that you've not even decided on winForm or Web App suggests to me that you've not even got a solid starting point.
    – Hursey
    Aug 3 at 4:37
  • And if you read the Getting Started documentation it actually explains how to obtain the required tokens
    – Hursey
    Aug 3 at 4:41
  • For me I have to create server application . And I will prefer winform application. But when I saw tutorial it's like html code . So thought that I have to create web app Aug 3 at 8:36
  • Thank u for the link u share It clear my some points. Actually I have to create some type of middleware an app that communicate with Facebook messenger and my own another asp.net app . So for I think winForm is better. Aug 3 at 8:43
  • Not 100% sure I quite understand you comment. Yes you can do all this via winforms app. No you do not need any sort of middlewere. You can build all the OAuth callback direct into the one app. You might also want to check Nugets, you will find some 3rd party libraries that will do some degree of the heavy lifting for you
    – Hursey
    Aug 3 at 23:03


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