I uninstalled phalcon7.4-phalcon4 and installed php-phalcon4 package in Linux (Debian GNU/Linux 11). But I can't see phalcon in phpinfo();. Should I register package in fpm php.ini file? If yes how can I do this?

I restarted php-fpm and nginx after installation. I am using Ondřej Surý repo to install package. See Docs

Instructions that I followed in docs:

Instructions I followed

How I installed package:

Package installation


I just realized my server missing phalcon.so file which should be created after package installation. Is there any way to generate it manually?

  • Sounds like you didn't fully install the package on linux otherwise it would be visible. And linux can mean a lot of different things in this context, e.g. which package manager did you use, what is the distribution, what is the package repository? And to which documentation/installation instructions are you referring to? And last but not least, the phalcon tag was missing - I edited it in.
    – hakre
    Aug 3, 2022 at 8:34
  • @hakre thanks for response. You can check edited answer
    – user19681435
    Aug 3, 2022 at 8:45
  • 1
    Please edit your question to include your code/commands and errors as text rather than as a screenshot. On stack overflow images should not be used for textual content, see Discourage screenshots of code and/or errors and Why not upload images of code on SO when asking a question for why. For instructions on formatting see How do I format my code blocks?.
    – hakre
    Aug 3, 2022 at 8:48
  • And if you're using the sury packages, have you already found out where the PHP configuration files are located (as well for php-fpm)? Those are .ini files (phpinfo() should give you a hint). Each extension should have its own .ini, make yourself comfortable with that system and then check with the php documentation how to enable extensions - as this could be the cause. The main php.ini also contains documentation in form of comments for each directive in use (or suggested for use).
    – hakre
    Aug 3, 2022 at 8:51
  • There is not many lines of code to present in snipped. I shared one image from docs for which I already gave link and another shows 1 line of terminal code that I executed and server response. My question it quite clear and understandable to everyone. If you are not able to help me to solve my issue then please stop giving me instructions about using stackoverflow.
    – user19681435
    Aug 3, 2022 at 8:53

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These may need to be tweaked, but here are the commands I used to install Phalcon 4:

mkdir /usr/local/lib/php7.4
cd /usr/local/lib/php7.4
git clone --branch v4.1.2 https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon.git
cd cphalcon/build
sudo ./install --phpize /usr/bin/phpize7.4 --php-config /usr/bin/php-config7.4
phpenmod phalcon

I would try the command in the 4.0 installation instructions on phalcon.io first, and they don't work for you, you can try my commands above.

FYI, the commands for Phalcon 5.0 are different, so make sure you are on the proper page for Phalcon 4.

  • I have already installed phalcon 4 actually. But I need to change the package I installed, because it was giving 502 bad gateway error in each request. I solved my problem by reinstalling same package and restarting fpm. Anyway, your support appreciated.
    – user19681435
    Aug 4, 2022 at 7:58

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