I've some experience in web dev and I'm now trying to dive into vueJS to build a web application. I tried few things but I get kinda lost in all the frameworks and stuff around Vue, I feel like lots of them are overlapping and I would need few advises to start on a good base. I give some details on my goals below, but feel free to skip it and just describe what setup you usually use.

Here's what I want to do : a simple web app for accounting with a home page, a list of customer, a list of machine and a list of order (each are components). Each page should be accessible through client-side routing. Thus the data are 3 tables of object and it is very likely that each component will need data from each of the table.

I started with vue3 + vite, now I want to know how to manage the data, ideally I want to start by having them stored into a local indexedDB for a pwa and then being able to easily adapt my code to use a server and api call for an online database storage.

I looked at Pinia for state storage, so the idea is to create store object that would share data through the components right? Is it ok to create store and to define function to fetch from database inside it and then call them from different place across the app?

At the end I'ld have Vue3+Vite+Pinia (plus some package for routing and stuff), does this provide all the functionality I need? Does this provide the service worker stuff for a pwa or I have use something else?

I also checked Nuxt, is it necessary to use this or the setup I just described is strong enough?

If you have any other advise it is always welcome.


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