I am running stardog on the default port 5280 and i have successfully used stardog studio in the default configuration. To properly use stardog in my intranet i had to switch off security with

./stardog-server.sh start --disable-security

and now i can't find a way to create a connection from stardog studio Screen Shot 1 since an empty username/password doesn't seem to be accepted. Screen Shot 2

How can i use stardog studio with a server that has the security disabled?

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    The default username/password combo should be admin/admin. Try putting those in. If you open your browser's developer tools and look at the console responses, what error messages do you see? I'm assuming either a credential/unauthorized, or cors issue.
    – notsodev
    Aug 4 at 11:33
  • @notsodev thx for the hint the default user/password combination also doesn't work. Since the config works if the security is enabled i doubt that CORS is at the core of the problem. Aug 4 at 11:34


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