I want to build user journey for react multiple pages application when user create an account on web app first time which library can i use ?

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You can use react-timeline of material UI. This is a nice library for creating a timeline interface, it provides the following customisation on the interface out-of-the-box

  • Position of the content of each event - left, right, alternate, etc.
  • Specify the colour of the dot or circle denoting each event separately
  • Provides minimal customise over the dot
  • Specify the content or icon inside the timeline dot, here is the example

Other than the above, more customisations can be done by overriding the styles.

Moreover, the material UI's documentation is very easy to read and understand, for every example, there is a Codesandbox & StackBlitz link, sample code, etc.

  • No, react timelie is differnt things, i want to develop like this npmjs.com/package/react-journey but this library is onely for single page web app , i my web app have tab and route i want to apply this journey on this
    – Laxman
    2 days ago

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