Here is my problem, normally I convert asciidoc documents to HTML (or more precisely asciidoc --> docbook --> html) but here I've been given a markdown document.

I would like to be able to produce an HTML document from that markdown document that would look the same as if it was coming from an asciidoc OR be able to convert this markdown to asciidoc somehow?

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To echo @akosma comment, pandoc does indeed have AsciiDoc support:

# Convert to AsciiDoc from Markdown:
$ pandoc -t asciidoc -f markdown file1.md > file1.txt

You can also go directly from Markdown to HTML:

$ pandoc -S -t html -f markdown file1.md > file1.html

(The -S just to produce nice curly quotes and other Smart typographical changes)


Try to use Pandoc to convert the markdown source to docbook xml.

From there, it should be possible to convert the docbook xml to html with the same technique as you used before for the asciidoc input, e.g. use the same xslt-translations for docbook->html.

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    The latest version of Pandoc (in the repo) allows for asciidoc <-> markdown transormations. Jan 20, 2012 at 22:34

In my experience, Pandoc doesn't convert a lot of documents correctly, so I've created my own converter, which can be found here.

It's a simple tool written in Java which has been successfully used to convert a lot of documents, including the manual from Geb.


I'll throw another one into the mix. I've written a custom converter for Kramdown that converts Markdown to AsciiDoc.


The benefit of this library is that Kramdown is extremely good at parsing GitHub-flavored Markdown, which is likely the Markdown people are most interested converting from.

  • Speaking from experience as a technical writer and user of the package, kramdown-asciidoc is far more suited to converting Markdown to Asciidoc than Pandoc. If you're interested, I wrote a post on the package that gives a reasonably in-depth look at the package and how to use it: matthewsetter.com/… Dec 6, 2019 at 11:29

This is the best pandoc solution:

pandoc --atx-headers --verbose --wrap=none --toc --reference-links -s -f markdown -t asciidoc -o file.adoc README.md

The version I used is pandoc

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