I have a business account with Facebook and it contains couple of Facebook Page and linked Instagram accounts. All pages and Insta accounts are set as business. If I want to admin the pages and set roles, some acts like business page and others like individual pages.

For those that work fine, I can get to https://business.facebook.com/BUSINESSPAGENAME/settings

For those not working well, settings button links me to https://www.facebook.com/settings.

Here is an example of settings of the page that acts like an individual one IMG 1

Here is an example of settings of the page that acts like a business one IMG 2

This is where I can set roles for Facebook pages and Instagram accounts that act like business but it doesn't work for the ones that act like individual ones IMG 3

Page settings that work as business IMG 4

Page settings that don't work as business IMG 5

Please, can anyone give me a hint, what I have to do to have all Facebook pages under my business account act like actual business page?

Thank you for any advice, tip or comment in advance.



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