While trying to open jupyter notebook through terminal on macos, it shows:

"from markupsafe import soft_unicode ImportError: cannot import name 'soft_unicode' from 'markupsafe' (/Applications/anaconda3/lib/python3.9/site-packages/markupsafe/init.py)"

So I tried to open through anaconda navigator but it fails to open stating: /Users/hiraltalati/opt/anaconda3/bin/jupyter_mac.command ; exit;
(base) hiraltalati@Hirals-MacBook-Air ~ % /Users/hiraltalati/opt/anaconda3/bin/jupyter_mac.command ; exit; INTEL MKL ERROR: dlopen(/Users/hiraltalati/opt/anaconda3/lib/libmkl_core.1.dylib, 9): image not found. Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load libmkl_core.1.dylib. Saving session... ...copying shared history... ...saving history...truncating history files... ...completed.

[Process completed]



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