It's understood that BIOS settings can choose the boot priority of devices and/or partitions, but I have no screen.

I am trying to install Ubuntu Server inside a partition of an SSD, then move it to the computer which has no screen, in order to access through ssh from my laptop.

This Ubuntu partition is one amongst many other bootable OS's and live images. To try to pick which one using BIOS without a screen can be time consuming, nevertheless I haven't found any method to set order priority without BIOS itself. Gparted is giving it (/dev/sda11) as you see in the picture.

Multiple SSD partitions organized by Gparted

The computer has no other hard-disk installed so the BIOS will choose this SSD at first but not sure which OS.

Is there a way to do this ?

  • Questions about operating systems, their utilities, networking and hardware, are off topic here. What topics can I ask about here?. Please delete this and ask, instead, on Unix & Linux Stack Exchange or superuser.com
    – Rob
    Aug 7 at 11:33
  • What does this have to do with hardware, unix or networking ? this is about BIOS. Aug 7 at 14:00
  • Nothing, though you tagged it as Ubuntu and discuss gpart and partitioning, but it has everything to do with operating systems, firmware, disk drives, file systems and nothing to do with programming.
    – Rob
    Aug 7 at 14:14
  • This might be on topic at Ask Ubuntu or Super User. Configuring BIOS is off topic here
    – Machavity
    Aug 7 at 15:11


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