I'm trying to use the Mui component tabs and I would like to load another component inside this tab, in this case Occurrence component:

import * as React from 'react';
import Box from '@mui/material/Box';
import Tab from '@mui/material/Tab';
import TabContext from '@mui/lab/TabContext';
import TabList from '@mui/lab/TabList';
import TabPanel from '@mui/lab/TabPanel';

export default function LabTabs() {
  const [value, setValue] = React.useState('1');

  const handleChange = (event: React.SyntheticEvent, newValue: string) => {

  return (
    <Box sx={{ width: '100%', typography: 'body1' }}>
      <TabContext value={value}>
        <Box sx={{ borderBottom: 1, borderColor: 'divider' }}>
          <TabList onChange={handleChange} aria-label="lab API tabs example">
            <Tab label="Item One" value="1" />
            <Tab label="Item Two" value="2" />
            <Tab label="Item Three" value="3" />
        <TabPanel value="1"><></TabPanel>
        <TabPanel value="2">Item Two</TabPanel>
        <TabPanel value="3">Item Three</TabPanel>

However, the Occurrence component is declared like this:

export const Occurrence = (props: RouteComponentProps<{ url: string }>) => {
  const dispatch = useAppDispatch();

  const [search, setSearch] = useState('');
  const [paginationState, setPaginationState] = useState(
    overridePaginationStateWithQueryParams(getSortState(props.location, ITEMS_PER_PAGE, 'id'), props.location.search)

  const occurrenceList = useAppSelector(state => state.occurrence.entities);
  const loading = useAppSelector(state => state.occurrence.loading);
  const totalItems = useAppSelector(state => state.occurrence.totalItems);

This Occurrence component was automatically generated by JHipster. So my problem is, how can I load it when I have to pass a URL as a parameter?


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