Is there still a way to get Facebook comments from a site URL using Graph API? I tried converting a site URL to an object-id, but it failed using Graph API Explorer. Some older posts mention using /{object-id}/comments, some mention ?id=https://she.hr/nevjerojatni-spoj-dragocjenih-bisera-i-pouzdane-njege-uz-nivea-pearlbeauty-black-antiperspiranate/&fields=og_object{comments{message,from{name,%20picture}}}

But I couldn't get a single comment.

I also found fb_comment_id in comments' IFRAME, but couldn't get data on that one either on Graph API explorer (using /{comment_id}).

  • I can't find this mentioned any more on the documentation page of the comments plugin - but I am pretty sure it was mentioned there in the past, which probably means Facebook has removed this by now. And developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/v14.0/url doesn't mention comments below og_object any more either, it looks like you can only get the count now, as part of engagement.
    – CBroe
    Aug 5 at 10:33
  • Ok, thanks. So, I guess I can still try using headless browser to scrape the IFRAME of the comments, and hope people don't post too much on this site during the scrape process. Aug 5 at 14:34


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