I'm creating a form with custom inputs using ControlValueAccessor which can be viewed here on stackblitz and it seems like whenever FormArray enters the equation things get out of control. I also noticed that I need to use FormControlName on FormGroups in order for the changes to be updated in the parent form.

My overall form looks like this

export class SvgParserComponent implements OnInit{

  SvgForm : FormGroup<SvgForm> = new FormGroup<SvgForm>({
    title: new FormControl<string>(''),
    graphicId: new FormControl<string>(''),
    svgInput: new FormControl<string>(''),
    viewBox: new FormGroup<ViewBoxParams>({
      x: new FormControl<string>(''),
      y: new FormControl<string>(''),
      width: new FormControl<string>(''),
      height: new FormControl<string>('')
    styling: new FormGroup<StylingParams>({
      globalStyles: new FormControl<string>(''),
      mediaQueries: new FormArray<FormGroup<MediaQueryParams>>([])

  //other code

The template for this level of the form looks like this

<form class="mainGrid" [formGroup]="SvgForm" (ngSubmit)="submitForm()">
  <p>svg parser</p>

  <code-input formControlName="svgInput"></code-input>

  <text-input formControlName="title" [label]="'title'"></text-input>
  <text-input formControlName="graphicId" [label]="'graphic id'"></text-input>

  <viewbox-input formControlName="viewBox"></viewbox-input>

  <styling-input formGroupName="styling"></styling-input>

  <button type="submit">submit</button>

If you take a look at the viewbox-input you'll see that I have that set with formControlName rather than formGroupName because the values entered won't update in the parent component otherwise. However the styling-input creates problems if I set it to formControlName so I just left it as formGroupName.

Inside of the styling-input there's a FormArray which iterates a FormGroup which has FormsGroups and FormArrays within it. I have the styling-input set up like this.

  selector: 'styling-input',
  templateUrl: './styling-input.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./styling-input.component.css'],
  providers: [
      provide: NG_VALUE_ACCESSOR,
      useExisting: StylingInputComponent,
      multi: true
export class StylingInputComponent implements ControlValueAccessor{

  StylingForm: FormGroup<StylingParams> = new FormGroup<StylingParams>({
    globalStyles: new FormControl<string>(''),
    mediaQueries: new FormArray<FormGroup<MediaQueryParams>>([])

  get MediaQueryList() {
    return this.StylingForm.get('mediaQueries') as FormArray<FormGroup<MediaQueryParams>>;

  writeValue(value: any){ if(value){ this.StylingForm.setValue(value); } }

  registerOnChange(fn: any){ this.StylingForm.valueChanges.subscribe(fn); }

  registerOnTouched(onTouched: Function){}

  private createMediaQueryGroup(): FormGroup<MediaQueryParams> {

    return new FormGroup<MediaQueryParams>({
      selectorParams: new FormGroup<MediaSelectorParams>({
        mediaType: new FormControl<MediaTypeParams>('all'),
        expressions: new FormArray<FormGroup<MediaExpressionGroupParams>>([]),
      rules: new FormControl<string>('')

  public addMediaQuery():void{

  public removeMediaQuery(item: number): void{


and the template for this component looks like this

<article [formGroup]="StylingForm">

  <code-input formControlName="globalStyles"></code-input>

    <article formArrayName="MediaQueryList">

      <media-query-input *ngFor="let a of MediaQueryList.controls; let i = index"


      <button type="button" (click)="addMediaQuery()">add media query</button>


So inside of this template I have a code-input which is a FormControl and the media-query-input which is a FormGroup that gets iterated from a FormArray. As of right now I'm getting the following errors

control.registerOnChange is not a function

Cannot find control with name: 'MediaQueryList'

then when I click the add media query button another media-query-input component renders and this error pops up

Cannot find control with path: 'MediaQueryList -> 0'

Inside of the media-query-input I have another FormControl and FormArray that renders weird showing something is clearly wrong which I'm guessing is just a recursion of the same issue I'm having in the styling-input with properly iterating and rendering the media-query-input.

I tried switching formGroupName for formControlName and even tried [attr.formControlName] in some parts, I added forwardRef(()=> Component) to the useExisting property in my providers which led to errors telling me controls and groups didn't exist yet. How am I supposed to structure this so everything works?

  • For the viewbox-input for which you used a FormControl instead of a FormGroup because the parent component was not getting updated values, you could probably pass from the parent component the FormGroup in the SvgParserComponent component as an @Input property. This way, the parent and the child component are using the same FormGroup.
    – CCBet
    Aug 5 at 20:33


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