I can't seem to access the xml text editor on Eclipse. Whenever I create an xml file, after the "create xml file from" screen shows, I click next, nothing happens. Also when I open the xml file I created, I keep getting this error message saying "failed to create path's controls". How can I fix this? Images are below:

Xml error message


2nd error message


  • Is that an exact error message? Can you add screenshots? Which version is this, if not the current one?
    – nitind
    Aug 5 at 20:23
  • 1
    You are running an older version. Please retry with 2022-06.
    – nitind
    Aug 5 at 20:51
  • You mean an older version of Eclipse? The one I have is the IDE version Aug 5 at 20:54
  • "IDE" is not a version. Yes, as I said you appear to have an older version that the current one, 2022-06. Update to 2022-06 and see if it still happens.
    – nitind
    Aug 5 at 20:56
  • 2
    You needed to download the 2022-06 version of the same package you already had. Each package has a different combination of contents. You likely had the Enterprise Java version, with more things installed. You need to verify that you install the up to date versions of what you already had--which might include more than just what's in the download.
    – nitind
    Aug 5 at 23:41


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