In the mobile application I developed with flutter 5 months ago, I started to scan for viruses in recent weeks based on user comments. I've scanned with more than 10 antiviruses (Malwarebytes, Kaspersky etc) and only Avast and AVG, products from the same company, found viruses. So I contacted Google and they asked me to update the app to scan for viruses. And again no virus found in the app.

VirusTotal Results enter image description here

However, when AVG and Avast are installed on the phone, when you download the application from the play store, it gives a trojan notification.

enter image description here

The app got a very low rating because of users' reviews that it's a virus. Is there a way to report this company and fix this situation? Reporting that an app downloaded from the Play Store is infected is a loss of trust for Google.

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Most probably it is a false positive, You can report a suspected False Positive here.

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    Yeah I already sent it but they don't care. I've seen dozens of apps labeled as infected because of Avast.
    – mzsdev
    Aug 8, 2022 at 23:26

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