I am trying to use a Delphi component and the callback function needs to be implemented as a

typedef System::DelphiInterface<TButtonCallBack> _di_TButtonCallBack;

which is defined in the C++ header file as:

__interface TButtonCallBack : public System::IInterface
  virtual void __fastcall Invoke(TConfirmButton ConfirmButton) = 0;

How do I implement the above Delphi interface in C++Builder?

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Ok I figured it out.

For others if it is helpful, the answer is below:

class TUniFSConfirmButtonInterface : public TCppInterfacedObject<TButtonCallBack>
    void __fastcall Invoke(TConfirmButton nButton)

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  • This is covered in the documentation: Implementing Interfaces: Delphi and C++ Aug 8 at 1:22
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    I was working off a slow internet connection and couldn't find it in the regular Rad Studio help. I moved to a different location on campus with REAL internet speeds, and voila! Easy solution. I forgot this is the same solution for FMX apps.
    – Aggie85
    Aug 8 at 1:29

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