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Using ExpressPrinting system components (DevExpress VCL), when connecting via RDP with the option enable sharing of user's local printers, these printers are not listed in the device selection dialog. Only printers installed on the Remote Server (if any) are available.

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This was raised by the user "Luis Madaleno" in the official DevExpress forum, and it was the user himself who finally found the following solution:

"...before calling TdxComponentPrinter.Preview: "

 if (Printer.Printers.Count <> dxPrintDevice.Printers.Count)
     then dxPrintDevice.Refresh;

More on the "why?" of this problem, you can find it in the original query raised in the official forum of the product.

Technical Note

This situation generally occurs when the configuration of the user account launches the execution of a program (.exe) when the session is connected, that is, the user "does not see" the Windows Remote Desktop and directly launches a application.
The user can only interact with the printers through the dialog boxes offered by said application.-

Finding this solution took me a long time.
That's why I share it here. I hope it is helpful to the community.
Best regards,

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