I fill programmatically DinamycAppearance TListview. There I have a TextButton, which sometimes I want to set Visible:=false.

li := ListView.Items.Add;

I tried these solutions, but neither works correctly:

li.Objects.ObjectByName('ButtonSelect').Visible := false;
li.View.FindDrawable('ButtonSelect').Visible := false;

I also tried to Destroy or Free this Object, but there I got errors.

Additionally sometimes it works, but just on the second buildup, but when I resize the Form, the ListView also forgets the visibility setup.

Do you have working solutions for this problem?

Thank you!

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    Please show the minimal but complete and compilable code with which we can reproduce the problem, according to [stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask]. The previous link goes to the help pages of Stack Overflow. There are important information regarding asking Aug 10 at 10:03

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When using a Dynamic Listview item and you want to change the appearance of objects inside the items you need to do it under the OnUpdateObjects event of the listview.

Like so:

procedure TForm2.lv1UpdateObjects(const Sender: TObject;
  const AItem: TListViewItem);
  if SomeCondition then // SomeCondition is an example
    AItem.Objects.FindObjectT<TListItemTextButton>('ButtonSelect').Visible := False;

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