A common error which occurs in react-navigation, when using TypeScript, is:

Argument of type 'string' is not assignable to parameter of type '{ key: string; params?: undefined; merge?: boolean | undefined; } | { name: never; key?: string | undefined; params: never; merge?: boolean | undefined; }'

What could this be caused by?

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This occurs when types for specific screens have not been defined.

I will describe setting up types for the stack navigation, usage in the useNavigation hook, as well as passing the {navigation} through props to a screen.

First, setup the Stack Navigator:

* Types for Stack Navigator.
export type StackParamList = {
  Main: undefined;
  Home: undefined;

const Stack = createStackNavigator<StackParamList>();

When using the useNavigation hook:

import { StackNavigationProp } from "@react-navigation/stack";

 * Types for the Stack Navigator.
export type StackNavigation = StackNavigationProp<StackParamList>;

const navigation = useNavigation<StackNavigation>();

When passing the navigation down as a prop in a screen:

 * Types for passing the navigation props to screens in the Stack Navigator.
export type StackNavigationProps = {
  navigation: StackNavigation;

const SomeScreenInTheStack = ({ navigation }: StackNavigationProps) => {

I extended the answer in another question, just like this, but come to find the OP is not tagging the post correctly so I created this Q&A.

Hope this is useful to someone!

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