Until recently, in VSCode, handling merge conflicts was simple (to me, at least):

  • Accept Current Change,
  • Accept Incoming Change,
  • Accept Both Changes,
  • Compare Changes.

It used to be something like this:

VSCode merge-conflict original view


However, from v1.70 onwards, it's been updated. See v1.70 release notes

Now, it looks something like this:

VSCode merge-conflict new view


At this point, I don't like this new view. So, how can I turn it off and change it back to the original one?


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As I understand, you need to disable git.mergeEditor in your user settings:



Inspired from Andrew's answer and the link to my original question, either put this

"git.mergeEditor": false

in your settings.json file or

Open settings, and uncheck the following checkbox:

Git:Merge Editor - checkbox

After this, you may need to reload the window (press Ctrl + Shift + p, search for Developer: Reload Window, and press Enter) or restart the VSCode.

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    Thanks!! Btw it froze a bit like 5seconds but I do not need to reload the window. Aug 31, 2022 at 14:33

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