I have seen many examples of system designs. For example, design a URL shortener for Twitter in Grokking the System Design Interview.

But then, what is system architecture?

Are those two the same things?

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No, they are not the same, but they are related.

System design is the process when you try to come up with a viable solution (or multiple ones) based on the provided requirements. You tries to specify smaller components with well-defined responsibilities. Also you define how (and when) they are interacting with each other.

System architecture is the artifact of the former process. It captures how did you divide the problem space into smaller chunks and how your components as a whole try to solve the original big problem.

UPDATE #1: Provide example

In order to better illustrate the differences let me provide you a super simplified example.


Let's suppose you have a bunch of microservices and some of them are abused sometimes. During resource abuse the service becomes slow and unresponsive.

In order to mitigate this, business decides to introduce rate limiting.


The steps are reduced and simplified to ease understanding.

  1. Clarify with the business whether they meant request queueing or throttling
  2. Agree on terminology to prefer rate limiting over throttling
  3. Do some research about industry standard algorithms and data structures
  4. Make a comparison between leaky bucket and token bucket
  5. Check whether there is an existing solution which can be used in a way that satisfies all requirements
  6. Decide which endpoints should be protected
  7. Document your finding and decisions


  • One or multiple Proof of concepts to verify all requirements can be met with the chosen library/libraries
  • An Architecture Decision Record to capture which library should be used in which programming language in case of rate limiting
  • Another ADR to document how should clients handle rate limitation
    • For example: they should retry the request if they have received 429 response code and respect the retry-after header
  • Update(s) on the architecture diagram(s) to indicate which services utilize rate limiting
    • Or an introduction of an API gateway to have a centralized place for common concerns
  • A specification how to setup the rate limiting rules
    • Like: 100 reqs / min, 1 000 reqs / hours

UPDATE #2: Reflect to the OP's example

Suppose I am designing tinyUrl, if I am doing system design, I will do the followings:

  1. I collect requirements
  2. I will check the estimation of usage such as traffic and bandwidth
  3. based on this, I can have a database schema,
  4. I will check the storage based on the database schema
  5. I will create API for my system
  6. create abstract system flow ex) client -> application -> server -> database
  7. consider data partitioning and replication to accommodate latency, availability and reliability
  8. check possible cache usage
  9. lastly, do bit more detailed data flow within the system. For example, use load balancing.

Same example with system architecture would be more about implementation detail what kind of technology I will choose to use?

As I said before system design is the process whereas system architecture is the outcome of the design process. What you have described is the process, which may/may not include technology selection.

  • In case of a component related feature design you might want to include the suggested technologies/libraries as well in your system architecture
  • In case of an integration design you will focus more on the communication protocols, edge cases, security and so on ...

Let me try to capture the difference from another angle. Whenever you design a solution for a particular problem then you explore different alternatives and try to choose wisely based on the requirements. Your proposed architecture captures your designs to be able to reason about the system. But this is a living thing. It can change over time as new requirements come in.

  • So, system design is more about explaining step by step approach, whereas system architecture is about the whole process of how input/data/output flow within the system in the big picture. I am still not sure if my understanding is correct.
    – Yalda Hami
    Aug 16 at 10:25
  • @YaldaHami System design is the process, whereas the system architecture is the result / outcome / artifact of the design process. In other words you capture your design decisions in your system architecture. Does it make sense? Aug 16 at 12:09
  • I am sorry, but It is a bit hard for me to draw a picture of what the system architecture would be. youtube.com/watch?v=-NMg6yFJrlQ Can I imagine it something like the video?
    – Yalda Hami
    Aug 16 at 13:50
  • @YaldaHami Later today I will update my post to include an example. Aug 16 at 14:08
  • Thank you, I really appreciate your time. I think this video is much more relevant in the context of cs. youtube.com/…
    – Yalda Hami
    Aug 16 at 14:16

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