I want to display matplotlib plots from kivy.garden in a kivy gui in separate tabs after clicking a button. However, after clicking the button nothing happens:

From kv-File (shorted): The button:

    text: "Plot"
    on_release: Factory.Controller(1).plot_dc()


    do_default_tab: False
        text: "DC Signals"
        id: dc

From my python file (I shorted it to the relevant part; plotting and creating axes and fig objects alone works perfectly).

class Controller(TabbedPannel):
    def __init__(self, max_size, **kwargs):
        TabbedPanel.__init__(self, **kwargs)

    def plot_dc(self):
        self.ids.dc.add_widget(FigureCanvasKivyAgg(Controller.figs["DC Signals"]))

class ControllerApp(App):
    def build(self):
        return Controller(1000)

I also tested adding a button to the tab (with add_widget), but this didn't work either. It seems to be a problem with my tabs in general.

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    It looks like your Button release is creating a new Controller instance and calling its plot_dc() method, but the newly created Controller is not used anywhere. You need to add it to your GUI somewhere. Aug 15 at 13:23
  • Thanks, that makes. I got rid of this with changing the creation to a call to the controller object, which is the root: app.root.plot_dc(). However, it still doesn't work.
    – bilalj
    Aug 15 at 18:33


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