Is there a command or extension that can wrap tags around multiple paragraphs of selected text?

I know "Emmet: Wrap with Abbreviation" lets you wrap a tag around a selected block of text. But I'd like to select multiple paragraphs of text and wrap a tag around each paragraph in one go rather for select each paragraph and run the Emmet command for each paragraph.

For example, if I select/highlight these two paragraphs...

I am the first paragraph.

I am the second paragraph.

... I'd like to run one command that wraps both paragraphs in a tag (e.g. <p>), just like the Emmet Wrap w/Abbreviation command does.

<p>I am the first paragraph.</p>

<p>I am the second paragraph.</p>
  • Use Multi Cursor to select each line separate then Wrap abbreviation, Now p tags will add indentation, so multi cursor cut - add p tag - paste could be an alternative
    – rioV8
    Aug 16 at 2:14

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You can wrap individual lines using * marker: https://docs.emmet.io/actions/wrap-with-abbreviation/#wrapping-individual-lines


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