Hi I am new to both JHipster and Stackoverflow. I tried asking the same question on Should OAuth2RefreshtokensWebFilter Be Used Some Where? however, it was removed for some reason; hence, I am asking duplicate question.

Could you please share if there is an example of how to use this filter?

I have tried to add OAuth2RefreshtokensWebFilter to the method SecurityFilterChain filterChain(HttpSecurity http) however Authentication authentication = SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication(); is resolved as null in the filter.

Here is how I have added the filter

.and() //JHiPSTER Geneated
            .addFilterAfter(oAuth2RefreshTokensWebFilter, OAuth2LoginAuthenticationFilter.class)
                .oauth2Client(); //JHiPSTER Geneated

I am experimenting using Keycloak as SSO provider and the object is being resolved properly at SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication() when tried to add it in the aacouts resource just for debugging. This proves that the Filter is called before the login, even after defining to invoke after login.

What is the correct way of adding this filter?

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    As to your initial comment: it was removed, because you posted it in a space reserved for answers. The comment you got suggested to do exactly what you did now: ask a new question. Please take the tour, read up on How to Ask and How to Answer to get an idea on how Stack Overflow works.
    – Adriaan
    Aug 16 at 6:12

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In case some one interested, we were able to use this with BasicAuthenticationFilter.class.

Below is the code as an example:

.and() //JHiPSTER Geneated
.addFilterAfter(oAuth2RefreshTokensWebFilter, BasicAuthenticationFilter.class)
.oauth2Client(); //JHiPSTER Geneated

Didn't test the renew token part, yet

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