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I have just configured the PHP 5.3.8 from PHP.net and apache 2.2.20 from apachelaunge on Windows 7.

Every thing done very well.

I have tried PHP -i from the command line and it show me all PHP infomarmation.

But when I have tried to execute the <?php phpinfo(); ?> , then browsers shows me the same content as in php file but not the actual PHP execution result.

I have added Directory Index also like below:

<IfModule dir_module>
    DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htm

I am not getting where I am wrong.

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I'm posting this answer because my Virtualmin/Webmin admin interface decided it was a good idea to disable my PHP engine.. took me a while to find the solution, so I thought I'd share it with you guys:

Also, be sure to check that none of your website config files related to this specific host or virtualhost have any php_admin_value's in them that turn off PHP, like this:

php_admin_value engine Off

When in doubt, comment it...

# php_admin_value engine Off

And restart your webserver.


Is this phpInfo result any different from the one you are getting from a different server? May be an older version of PHP? The two might not give the same output.

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