Trying to build elements for an ArrayOfAnyType, defined as: ArrayOfAnyType = array of string; as wsdlimp.exe has exported from the SOAP WSDL server.

Not sure how to add the elements. not having any luck.

Any help appreciated on how to work with this definition.

  RegistrationChannelCollection = class(TRemotable)
    FExpirationMinutes: string;
    FExpirationMinutes_Specified: boolean;
    FRegistrationChannels: ArrayOfAnyType;
    FRegistrationChannels_Specified: boolean;
    procedure SetExpirationMinutes(Index: Integer; const Astring: string);
    function  ExpirationMinutes_Specified(Index: Integer): boolean;
    procedure SetRegistrationChannels(Index: Integer; const AArrayOfAnyType: ArrayOfAnyType);
    function  RegistrationChannels_Specified(Index: Integer): boolean;
    property ExpirationMinutes:    string          Index (IS_OPTN) read FExpirationMinutes write SetExpirationMinutes stored ExpirationMinutes_Specified;
    property RegistrationChannels: ArrayOfAnyType  Index (IS_OPTN) read FRegistrationChannels write SetRegistrationChannels stored RegistrationChannels_Specified;

RegistrationChannels Picture


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