I am trying to build sample jhipster micro service app from the blog


while generating default with jhipster jdl apps.jdl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oktadev/okta-jhipster-k8s-eks-microservices-example/main/apps.jdl causing multiple npm errors

enter image description here

entire logs can be accessed https://gist.githubusercontent.com/vidhya03/89fb728a0af15c3b81c8a60061b3cf5d/raw/0dd14758f7548c0c37f2be050eccd327d5e55b80/buildlogs.log

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    Are you running jhipster from git bash or from standard shells: Command Prompt or Powershell ? Aug 17 at 13:35

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What is the JHipster version used? Please note that there are some issues with releases 7.9.0 and 7.9.1 on Windows. So if you are using any of them, please update to 7.9.2 first. Then delete the .npmrc file generated on the store app and try running npm install again on the store app. That should fix the issue.

  • Thanks a lot deepu. i was doing this repeating multiple times , uninstalling and installing in separate directory. finally found that inside dev container it worked , however your solution solved my case. Aug 18 at 6:31

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