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I am integrating Facebook login into my site. When Facebook redirects to my site with the code query parameter, there is a hash at the end http://myurl.com/code=xxx#_=_ When I then redirect from this url to another url at my site:

header('Location: http://myurl.com/home');

It keeps the hash tag and ends up as http://myurl.com/home#_=_

Is there a way to redirect without the hash or if anyone is familiar with Facebook a way to get it to stop adding the hash in the first place?


You can redirect on your server side PHP to a URL that includes its own hash. That's what I had to do a ruby app that uses backbone.js.

PS - I specified the redirect_uri and FB still appended the stupid #_=_ string :/


It seems JavaScript is the only way to remove a hash since the hash is never sent to the server in any way. So I added a script to a blank page:

window.location.hash = '';  window.location.href = "http://myurl.com"

This is the answer for now, but I will accept better ones.

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    You can set it with the PHP header, just include the hash: header('Location: http://myurl.com/home#'); – kasimir Sep 4 '14 at 12:41

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