I've created a simple setup with a TFDQuery with CachedUpdates set to True and a DBNavigator to modify its values. I'm having trouble reverting the value of some records I've created:

First, I open the Query and create a Save Point to keep its original state:

empty FDQuery

I then add two records with different values using the DBNavigator and create a Save Point after that:

two records added to the FDQuery

I modify their values:

records' values modified

And now I try to go back to the second Save Point I created. Notice only one of the values reverts back to its desired state:

savepoint not reverting values

I can't CommitUpdates before creating the second Save Point, because I would lose the first one. Is there a way to revert to the second Save Point accurately?

I've also noticed that, depending on the order I post the changes (clicking the green check mark in the case of the DBNavigator) I get different results, sometimes neither records are reverted.

  • It's my own question. And no. CommitUpdates is not a solution for me.
    – Suporte01
    Aug 18 at 13:47


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