I'm getting this error on the code below:

Low bound exceeds high bound

If you swap them, you get a different error:

Duplicate case label

What can I do?

I've tried all of them without Int64() and with Int64(), but it didn't help.

Try for yourself, errors exist no matter if you type cast or not.

There's several ways to do this below, but I want to know why this code errors the way it does:

Delphi can not use below because it can not achieve 64-bit processing on case statements.

function cntCaseTbl(Z: Int64): Int64;
    case Abs(Z) of
      0..9: Exit(1);
      10..99: Exit(2);
      100..999: Exit(3);
      1000..9999: Exit(4);
      10000..99999: Exit(5);
      100000..999999: Exit(6);
      1000000..9999999: Exit(7);
      10000000..99999999: Exit(8);
      100000000..999999999: Exit(9);
      1000000000..9999999999: Exit(10);
      10000000000..99999999999: Exit(11);
      100000000000..999999999999: Exit(12);
      1000000000000..9999999999999: Exit(13);
      10000000000000..99999999999999: Exit(14);
      100000000000000..999999999999999: Exit(15);
      1000000000000000..9999999999999999: Exit(16);
      10000000000000000..99999999999999999: Exit(17);
      100000000000000000..999999999999999999: Exit(18);
      1000000000000000000..9223372036854775807: Exit(19);

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On line 131, 10000000000 and 99999999999 are Integers that are being type-casted to Int64, and they are both outside of the range of Integer, so they are overflowing before being casted, thus causing the 1st value to be less than the 2nd value, hence the error.

Same with the other lines, too.

This is described in Delphi's documentation:

Case Statements

The case statement may provide a readable alternative to deeply nested if conditionals. A case statement has the form:

case selectorExpression of
  caseList1: statement1;
  caseListn: statementn;

where selectorExpression is any expression of an ordinal type smaller than 32 bits (string types and ordinals larger than 32 bits are invalid) ...

I would suggest getting rid of the case altogether and just use a loop instead, eg:

function cntCaseTbl(Z: Int64): Int64;
  Result := 0;
  Z := Abs(Z);
  while Z > 0 do begin
    Z := Z div 10;
  • As I stated above: "I've tried all of them without int64() and with int64() ... it didn't help." The case Table proved to be faster on ticks vs all other methods other than assembly.
    – Greg T
    Aug 19 at 2:41
  • "As I stated above" - you added that after I had posted my answer. Aug 19 at 3:22
  • I should have explained earlier that I was not seeking a alternative method, sorry.
    – Greg T
    Aug 19 at 3:42
  • So, I re-read the documents on the docwiki for embarcadero's website and I better understand your answer. "(string types and ordinals larger than 32 bits are invalid)" So, Delphi is limited to 32 bits for case statements :(
    – Greg T
    Aug 19 at 4:02
  • 3
    The documentation is wrong: "an ordinal type smaller than 32 bits" should be "an ordinal type no larger than 32 bits". Aug 19 at 6:50

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