I'm rather new at this, but I need to create a TStringList in one function, pass it to another function to modify it, then use the results back in the first function. However, everything I try reports an error:

No matching function call.

Calling function:

std::unique_ptr<TStringList>metaData(new TStringList());
_retVal = ParseOMT(inpBuf, &metaData, _reportIt);


bool ParseOMT(const String ABuffer, TStringList* _currMetadata, String &_reportIt);


bool ParseOMT(const String ABuffer, TStringList* _metadata, String &_reportIt) {

I have tried various combinations of the * and & in the ParseOMT() declaration and calling function, to no avail.

Can anybody help?

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Your ParseOMT() function as shown is fine. The code that is calling it is wrong.

std::unique_ptr has a get() method which returns the object pointer being held.

So, simply change this:

_retVal = ParseOMT(inpBuf, &metaData, _reportIt);

To this instead:

_retVal = ParseOMT(inpBuf, metaData.get(), _reportIt);
  • Thanks Remy. I have seen you around for a long time. Glad to see you are still with us.
    – JKofsky
    Aug 19 at 15:45
  • Would I have to do the .get() is I changed the std::unique_ptr to auto TStringList *metaData = new TStringList();?
    – JKofsky
    Aug 19 at 16:23
  • 1
    @JKofsky auto TStringList *metaData won't compile. You need to drop either the auto or the TStringList. But no, raw pointers don't have methods, so just pass metaData as-is since it is the type of raw pointer that ParseOMT() is expecting, eg: _retVal = ParseOMT(inpBuf, metaData,_reportIt); Aug 20 at 5:35

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