I'm still quite new to Python, so please do not be too harsh with me. I'm trying to implement a live plot in a GUI via Tkinter. With the help of some example codes and google I got it working. Now I want to erase/clear the Old Plot with click on a Button.

However I get a raise value error when trying to do so.

in the init I initialize one Plot like this:

        self.x = 0
        self.i = 0
        self.delta_i = 1
        self.xy_data = []

     self.figure = pyplot.figure()
     self.figure.set_size_inches((12,7), forward=True)
     self.subplot = self.figure.add_subplot(221)
     self.line,=self.subplot.plot([],[], color="blue")
     self.line2, = self.subplot.plot([],[], color="red")

In the actual drawing function (which is executed over and over for a specific amount of time) I'm doing this:

                self.Timer = Tdiff
                self.ActualTemp =Value1
                self.xy_data += [[self.Timer,self.ActualTemp]]
                self.xy2_data += [[self.Timer,self.FixTemp]]
                self.line, = self.subplot.plot(
                            [row[0] for row in self.xy_data[0::self.delta_i]],
                                [row[1] for row in self.xy_data[0::self.delta_i]],
                self.line2, = self.subplot.plot(
                            [row[0] for row in self.xy2_data[0::self.delta_i]],
                                [row[1] for row in self.xy2_data[0::self.delta_i]],

In the Button Function I have tried to do:

self.subplot.cla() # But that clears even the Subplot title and x/y labels. As I have in total 3
subplots it would not be very code effective to initialize them again, I think.

self.subplot.lines.remove(self.line) and self.subplot.lines.remove(self.line2) # But I'm getting a rase Value Error

I would be glad if someone could help out here. Thank you


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