I am researching the feasibility of porting an existing Vue 2 app to be an Azure Static Web App (SWA). A requirement is the ability to run the Vue app locally and authenticate against our Auth0 tenant to retrieve a access/bearer token to send along with our HTTP requests.

It appears that a SWA can utilize custom authentication (Auth0), and I was able to complete that successfully by following this article. However, I'm not seeing any information around capturing the access token. There is an /.auth/me/ endpoint which has user information, but that does not contain the access token:

enter image description here

I also looked into the Azure Static Web App Emulator which allows for defining an identity profile when running locally, but I'm not seeing a way to specify an access token here either.

Is it possible at the moment with a SWA to obtain an access token using a custom auth provider when running locally and when published live?

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Managed Authentication in Azure is really only useful for fairly simple use cases. I think you're going to want to implement your security directly inside your Vue application.


You mentioned needing an access token but didn't say where it comes from or what you're doing with it. Are you trying to call an Auth0-secured API?


  • Ah, interesting. I was under the impression that with Azure Static Web Apps it was required to utilize the provided security mechanisms. The route I was going down didn't use one of the built-in managed provided registrations. I was attempting to override that with a custom registration as described here. But what I think you are saying is I am able to just bypass all of that at implement a custom implementation? Aug 20, 2022 at 14:35
  • 1
    Yes. I'm not familiar with the overrides but I don't see you it will allow you to request an access token. Aug 22, 2022 at 13:38

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