I'm new to jhipster. I am on jhipster v7.8.1, i can generate an app using the cli questions but when i try importing a jdl file i got the following error:

**ERROR! Class constructor GAstVisitor cannot be invoked without 'new' TypeError: Class constructor GAstVisitor cannot be invoked without 'new' at new DslMethodsCollectorVisitor

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    Please try latest version 7.9.2 Aug 19 at 22:18
  • Have upgraded to v7.9.2 recently, also upgraded node.js to v16.17.0. The error raised when I try to update entities with jdl, throws: ERROR! Class constructor GAstVisitor cannot be invoked without 'new'
    – Harrison
    Aug 20 at 8:44
  • even when i upgraded the version still not working
    – kk99
    Aug 20 at 11:19
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    I have reproduced it. This is a blocking bug in the JDL parser, I have opened an issue github.com/jhipster/generator-jhipster/issues/19486 Aug 20 at 14:32

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This occurs due to a recent bug in the one of JHipster libraries. As a temporary solution you can go to the JHipster installed location and find it's package.json file and override the package causing this error as follows. Then run npm install again.

      "chevrotain@10.1.2": {
      "@chevrotain/gast": "10.1.2"

This will prevent the JHipster using latest package of that.

  • in the package.json, i find this: "dependencies": {"@faker-js/faker": "5.5.3","aws-sdk":"2.1106.0","axios": "0.26.1","chalk": "4.1.2","chevrotain": "10.1.2","commander": "9.1.0",.......} but no "overrides" .....
    – kk99
    Aug 21 at 19:31
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    From what he said, this is the package.json of the generator, so it should be node_modules\generator-jhipster\package.json in your project. I did not test it though. Aug 21 at 20:17
  • I added these lines in the file but same issue, how should I add them correctly?
    – kk99
    Aug 21 at 20:21
  • yeah , i did find the right file, but it has already the dependency cherveotain with the version 10.1.2
    – kk99
    Aug 21 at 20:23
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    @kk99 the problem is with the @chevrotain/gast dependency not chevrotain itself. So after adding the overrides section to the package.json of the generator-jhipster, remove it's node_modules directory and package-lock.json file. Then run npm install within the generator-jhipster directory Aug 22 at 14:21

I experienced the same error and managed to get the JDL file to run by using version 7.8.1 I followed the following steps to get this done;

  1. uninstall the current version of jhipster that is causing issues for my case this was 7.9.2 . use this command npm uninstall -g generator-jhipster
  2. Install version 7.8.1 using this command npm install -g generator-jhipster@7.8.1
  3. Attempt to run your JDL using this command jhipster jdl jhipster-jdl.jdl
  4. At this stage, your JDL will be able to run

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